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Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation
 Serving the Children of the World

Hospital Project

The Kiwanis of Michigan members support the Child Life Services at four Michigan Hospitals:

Forney W. Clement Project - C. S. Mott Childrens Hospital

Daniel J Fischer, Child and Family Life  Phone (734) 936-7023


The following Link will take you to the hospital website and show you more ways your club can help with non monetary donations

Continue to make your financial contributions directly to the Kiwanis of MI Foundation.

Ben Dean Project - Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Jackie bultman, Pediatric Program Manager  Phone (616) 242-0376


Herman H Meyer - Mc Laren Northern Michigan Hospital

Anne Heier Child Life Specialist  Phone (231)487-4560

Email : 

Walter J.L Ray Project - Childrens Hospital of Michigan

Therese Quattrociocchi, Director of Communications  Phone (313) 745-0138




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